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Whoa there

LOL I just had to… I hate those edgy guys too who go out of their ways to be offensive but social justice warriors who attack other peeps en masse (like bullies, telling them to go kill themselves, etc.) who stand against their opinion also annoy me just as much lol

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Never chase anyone. A person who appreciates you will walk with you.
—(via worriedboy)

It is going to be hilarious the day Tumblr becomes inactive and then people look back a few years later and laugh at the social justice warriors who do nothing but whine and moan and find a way to get offended over EVERY SINGLE THING lol

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Don’t let anyone, even your parents, break you. Find good people who care about you and surround yourself with just them. If you can’t find them at first, find good music and fall into it and let it hold you until they come.
—Davey Havok (via yasodhara)


Jordan Mein (-220) fights Mike Pyle (+180) this Saturday August 23rd at UFC Fight Night Tulsa

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